How It Works: Agro-Foundation

It is as agricultural financial empowerment base membership program that is set to reach out to people through partnership. Agro Foundation is out to make the difference in the Agricultural industry to reach out to members and non members through nomination, Membership and simple referee system that has proven to be the most effective and reliable over the years. We shall together change the world by Operation Feed the Nation (OFN) Operation Plant a Trees (OPT) touching one live at a time. With our simple referrer system we get to as many that truly desire to be empowered genuinely and above all achieve our goal for making food available for mankind reaching out to the less privileged all over the world. We have carefully chosen our mood of operation without any form of evil intentions, empowering our members and reaching out to the world by acting on God’s revelations to reach out globally. JOIN US NOW!!! If your wish is to be financially free and be a channel to reach out to others.


This is the process you sign up to join the charitable Organization and Agro Foundation expects you to make a donation of $37.5 as your contribution to Agro Foundation, this is what enable you to enjoy all our services and opportunities.


In your signup stage your account is enabled and your web page is given you. Now you introduce others with your referral link or in-direct referring to join this Vision. You are to introduce at least 2 person and those 2 persons introduce their own 2 each. You get $5 for each person you introduced. So if you introduce 2 in your Starter stage you get $10 instantly plus $15 as Starter Matrix Bonus making a total of $25 once your matrix is complete WHAT IF YOU INTRODUCE ALL 6 IN YOUR STARTER STAGE? you get $5 x 6 persons= $30 instantly plus $15 making a total of $45, giving you your investment back plus lots of extra cash the same day… IS THAT NOT WONDERFUL? So what are you waiting for, call friends and relations, refer as many as you can and rake in good money. When the 2 persons you brought also bring 2 each directly or indirectly with the help of spill-over effect, you are ready for Farmer Stage


You do not need any step-up fee to this Stage and as the people in your starter stage join you in leadership (Leader Stage) with the splitting under effect, your matrix is filled faster, because with this matrix system, you don’t lose your matrix members. Unlike breakaway or board splitting system where all your downlinks are scattered, making it difficult for you to grow. As your down-line join you, you are ready to be a Business Owner. You have the opportunity to undergo a Agricultural Education Course and also at this stage you get 1 Watering Can, 1 Insecticide Bottle, 1 Spraying Can You Earn $7.5 for every member that meet you in this stage… $7.5 X 14 Members = $105, Stage Bonus $10, Leadership Bonus $50, Total Cash Award= $165
NOTE: the system create a regular cash flow for all members.
REFERRAL BONUS: this is another way for members to earn $5 from each direct referral any time you refer a member with your referral link this is a regular cash flow.


This stage is easy but is made possible with group effort, As those in your matrix enter to Business owner Stage you automatically receive your first Land Development project to enable you be your own boss with our help. You earn a total of $240.
Additional Incentive:
1. Agricultural Development training
2. A brown New Washing Machine or one Gas Cooker
3. 1 Wheel Barrow
4. You have the opportunity to develop your farm or nominate a farmer to receive farm development.
Can you see how easy this is for both you and your family members? Why not be a part of this life changing platform and start affecting your life and that of your family today.


This stage you get many and more opportunity to help those around you and those in your community, and at this stage you get more cash. You earn a total of $400 and get another brown new Car or a land in your choice area.
Stage Bonus: $50
Matrix Bonus: $25
Total Matrix Bonus: $350
Other Incentives:
7. Brown New Car Worth $22,500million or a land for your farming project.
8. You have the opportunity to select a community project that the company would give a face lift.
9. Free Business /Personal development Training for your down-line
10. Opportunity to apply for a grant worth from 1million to 10 million with a fixable proposer
NB: Know that you keep earning referral bonus of #1,000 and it is endless once you keep referring people to join the system.


This is the last and final stage where you get an award and much more for being a Philanthropic and also earning lots of money.
Stage Bonus: $1000
Matrix Bonus: $100
Total Matrix Bonus: $1400
Team Bonus: $1000
Other Benefits Includes:
4. Farm Land Development Project for you
5. Brown New SUV Jeep or a Landed Property.
6. You would be part of the board of trustees NB: Know that you keep earning referral bonus of $5 and it is endless once you keep referring people to join the system.


1. No matrix at this stage, you will officially be inaugurated into the board of decision making
2. You will be giving an NGO representative to manage Humanitarian services within and outside the country as the case may be with an official Car, House including any other incentive to make you carry out your duties effectively.
3. U earn to infinity.
4. No limit to your earning capacity with us.
You deserve more working in line with Gods worlds that says give its shall be giving unto you good measure press down, shaking together shall men give unto you Matt 7:7.

Agro Foundation