About Agrofoundation

AgroFoundation is as agricultural financial empowerment base membership program that is set to reach out to people through partnership. Agro Foundation is out to make the difference in the Agricultural industry to reach out to members and non members through nomination, Membership and simple referee system that has proven to be the most effective and reliable over the years. We shall together change the world by Operation Feed the Nation (OFN) Operation Plant a Trees (OPT) touching one live at a time. With our simple referrer system we get to as many that truly desire to be empowered genuinely and above all achieve our goal for making food available for mankind reaching out to the less privileged all over the world.

AgroFoundation sponsor members on an all expense paid trip were members has the opportunity to meet with Agro Foundation board of directors to familiarize and strategist for better improve humanitarian services and also to travel to large farms within and outside the country to help educate us to be better farmers.
In AgroFoundation, Leaders are our core value as we shall work with them closely to achieve our goals, thereby special incentives await you and leader are also part of our company profit shearing.
This is a Loyalty Bonus for members that are faithful to Agro Foundation vision. To this effect we have put than a support system to train our members to become amazing resource persons for self development. We also train them in the different areas of agriculture.
Agro Foundation has great and amazing packages, all gear towards a better and happy people, Above all much more services will be rolling out soon. Now the question is, do you want to miss out for any reason? SURE NOT AT ALL, clink the link now or meet who sent you this site address and start right away, you are set to change your world and that of the persons around you globally.

Agro Foundation offers agricultural education for all its members to enable them be a better farmer. This program is done from time to time teaching members about the different areas of agriculture, what to plant, how to plant and also how to sell your agricultural produce. One major thing we do is Agricultural education for children, we teach children on the importance of agriculture at a young age so that kids can aspire to become agriculturist.

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Members Testimonies

  • The world is changed by our example, not by our opinion. And this is where AgroFoundation Team sizzles! Their heart to help others, their humility to constantly learn and become better, their courage to do so with class, respect and honor… AgroFoundation Team leads by her example, and in leadership, that matters most.

  • I was honored to have AgroFoundation Team as one of the presenters in our series. AgroFoundation Team has an incredible passion, spirit and energy for the network marketing profession. They have a master of influence so that when you listen to their ideas, you feel more capable as well as inspired to achieve everything you want.

  • AgroFoundation Team exemplifies all of the best qualities of a leader in Network marketing! I appreciate so much, their professionalism, and authenticity! AgroFoundation Team is such a compassionate and caring team, and the genuine desire to support others makes her the perfect fit for our profession!