About: AgroFoundation

AGRO FOUNDATION is born out of Gods vision and Revelation to fulfill Gods word for its members and non members to the glory of GOD, Agro Foundation is an Agricultural based Organization the offers humanitarian, Financial services and agricultural services, Agro Foundation was established in Indonesia, with offices in UK, USA, Liberia, South Africa, Serri-lone, Nigeria etc that came into existence to help build the nations by helping the Agricultural Sector.

It is as agricultural financial empowerment base membership program that is set to reach out to people through partnership. Agro Foundation is out to make the difference in the Agricultural industry to reach out to members and non members through nomination, Membership and simple referee system that has proven to be the most effective and reliable over the years. We shall together change the world by Operation Feed the Nation (OFN) Operation Plant a Trees (OPT) touching one live at a time. With our simple referrer system we get to as many that truly desire to be empowered genuinely and above all achieve our goal for making food available for mankind reaching out to the less privileged all over the world.

We have carefully chosen our mood of operation without any form of evil intentions, empowering our members and reaching out to the world by acting on God’s revelations to reach out globally. If deep down in your heart you wish to be part of this Organization globally and you believe in our Vision, join us now and you will ever appreciate you took the best decisions ever. JOIN US NOW!!! If your wish is to be financially free and be a channel to reach out to others.


This is your chance to reign Grab it now and let’s make the impossibility possible because together we can. Agro Foundation is sure way to empower his members and non members smiling to the bank all day with little or no much effects to achieve success. We are making CEO’s and top business persons every day and in every place.

AIM: Agro Foundation

Operation own a farm to feed the nation and to close the gap between the rich and the poor working in line with our simple and most reliable operational plan that has stand the test of time.

OBJECTIVE: Agro Foundation

1. Agricultural Education (Advocacy)

2. Encouraging and empowering members to go into agricultural and assisting them to be CEO (Their own boss) of their own businesses.

3. To feed the nation by having more farms in local and state level. Ensuring that everyone has a farm in his or her back yard.

4. Free Agricultural consultancy for members.

5. Train Children on the importance of farming from child hood.

6. Reaching out to the less privilege with our humanitarian services globally. Our heart bleeds with passion to put smile on the faces of member’s and non members that is why we have changed the game making it possible to nominate someone to benefit from our packages.

7. Carrier program for members, giving members sources of livelihood.

Agro Foundation